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Useful IRS Webpages for This Filing Season

The IRS provides a number of pages that tax preparers may find useful as they go through this filing season. These pages provide timely information to preparers on guidance for the current tax season, how to protect themselves from identity thieves, latest guidance as the IRS implements the new provisions for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, what the latest tax identity theft schemes are, and the tax challenges for taxpayers who are participating in the shared economy.

Here are a few of the IRS pages that you may find useful during this filing season:

  • Fact Sheets
    Provides information on the latest information that the IRS believes is the most relevant for the current filing season.
  • Resources for Tax Law Changes
    Check here for the latest guidance and information from the IRS as they implement the new provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Extender provisions included in the budget bill passed in February.
  • Tax Identity Theft and What Preparers Need to Watch for and How to Protect Themselves
    • Don’t Take The Bait
      This page is focused on raising the awareness in tax preparer community of the critical need for them to increase their security and be aware of increasing threat from phishing email scams that are designed to gain access of the preparer’s computer.
    • Security Awareness Tax Tips
      Contains the latest helpful information on what tax preparers can do to protect their computer systems and their client’s tax information.
    • Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself
      Is the central webpage for tax preparers to raise their awareness about their legal obligations to protect their clients’ tax data and to highlight security risks posed by identity thieves to their business.
  • Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts
    Check here for information on the latest email, phishing and malware scams targeting taxpayers and tax preparers.
  • Shared Economy Tax Center
    Provides guidance for taxpayers who are part of the rapidly expanding shared economy on what they need to do in order to meet their tax obligations. Shared economy taxpayers are those who work for an auto ride sharing service such as UBER or rent out their home or apartment through Airbnb.

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