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Important Upcoming Changes to How Individuals will Access IRS E-Services Accounts

October 5, 2016

The IRS is going to be instituting changes to how e-services users will access their accounts beginning in late October 2016.

The IRS will be requiring ALL e-service users beginning around October 24, 2016 to re-register using the new Secure Access authentication process. This new process will require the individual to validate their identities before they can access their accounts.

Secure Access is a two-factor authentication process which will require identity proofing, financial verification and an activation code text the first time an individual attempts to access their account in late October. For all subsequent log-ins to their account the individual will be required to enter their username/password and a security code text which will be sent to them on their cell phone.

Individuals who cannot get through the new authentication process will have the option to call the e-Help desk and authenticate themselves over the phone. They will then receive an activation code by mail which will take five to ten calendar days to arrive.

Since the Secure Access authentication process is also being used for the IRS Get Transcript online tool, e-services users that created a Get Transcript account after June, 2016 will have their Secure Access registration automatically moved to their e-services account. All the individual will need to do is change their password the first time they access their account on or after October 24, 2016.

For more information see the following on the IRS website: