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IRS, States, and Tax Industry Announce New Steps to Help Public Protect Personal Data in order to Prevent Tax Identity Theft

November 19, 2015

The IRS has just announced their new “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign which is designed to help raise public awareness about how their use of the internet and their personal devices can affect the safety of their financial and tax data. It will urge individuals to take active steps to protect themselves and make them aware of just how sophisticated identity thieves have become.

Included in the “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign is information about how the IRS, state tax administrators, and the tax software industry are implementing an expanded series of protections for the upcoming 2016 filing season to address tax related identity theft. These added protections will include asking individuals for additional information that will be included with their tax return. The additional information will help government agencies ensure that the return they are accepting is truly the taxpayer’s and not one that is being filed by someone who has stolen their identity.

The “Taxes. Security. Together.” campaign is a direct result of the IRS Security Summit, a collaborative effort started in March 2015 between the IRS, states, and the tax industry to help fight tax identity theft (of which CrossLink Professional Tax Software has been a part of).  This joint campaign will include YouTube videos, weekly Tax Tips, and local events across the country. This information will also be included on state websites and by the professional tax software community during this upcoming filing season.

For more information on this campaign, see the following on the IRS website: