Recent Tax Updates

IRS Relaunches Get Transcript Online Application

June 22, 2016

The IRS relaunched their Get Transcript online application on June 7, 2016. Taxpayers can once again view a copy of their prior year tax return information and either download or print it out once they have completed the new authentication process.

With the relaunch of this application, the IRS rolled out their new multi-factor authentication process which includes the sending of verification, activation, or security codes via email and text message. This means an individual will be required to go through a more rigorous authentication process than before in order to access their prior year tax return information online. This new process is intended to help protect individuals against identity thieves attempting to impersonate them in order to access the individual’s tax information.

In order to access the Get Transcript application an individual will need the following:

  • A readily available e-mail account
  • Their SSN, filing status, and address that was used on their last filed tax return
  • Access to certain financial account numbers such as from a credit card, home mortgage loan, or car loan
  • A text enabled mobile phone associated to the taxpayer’s name

If an individual is unable to get through the authentication process they can still order a transcript to be mailed to them while they are online.

Starting last year, the IRS began working with US Digital Service to create a new e-authentication platform for all IRS online applications. US Digital Service is a branch of the Office of Management and Budget that brings some of the private sector’s best tech experts into government to resolve complex issues facing the federal government.

For more details see the following on the IRS website: