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IRS Identity Theft Resources

By Mark Castro, CPA
February 19, 2020

In its continuing effort to improve online access to information on identity theft and data security protection for tax preparers, businesses, and taxpayers, the IRS has redesigned their webpage related to identity theft and renamed it as Identity Theft Central.

The redesigned page includes:

  • A link to information for tax preparers (Identity Theft Info for Tax Professionals) for reporting identity theft or data loss, how to prevent data loss, and information on their responsibilities to protect their client’s data and implement a security plan.
  • Information on how individuals can protect themselves from identity theft
  • A link to information for businesses (Identity Theft Info for Businesses) to protect themselves from identity theft and data loss and what the Security Summit is doing to help prevent business identity theft.
  • Videos on how to avoid phishing schemes and steps to protect your computer and phone

The page also includes a link to the Security Summit page. This page details the initiatives that the IRS, state agencies, and the nation’s tax industry are working in partnership on towards improving awareness and outreach in order to combat identity theft.

For additional information, see the following IRS resources for preventing identity theft: