At CrossLink, we work directly with our customers to find out what they need in order to have a successful and profitable tax season. These face-to-face meetings have led to the introduction of hundreds of customer-inspired technology innovations that make our industry leading professional tax software even more powerful and profitable for CrossLink customers.
CrossLink Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Free access to a Taxpayer mobile app for your clients as well as an ERO app for managing your tax offices. These apps work directly with one another to provide you and your taxpayers with an unparalleled customer experience.

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Remote Signature

Now your clients can sign their documents anywhere and anytime via an electronic signature.

  • With their home computer
  • With their smartphone
  • With a tablet or other mobile devices
Remote Signature
Electronic Signature Pad

Electronic Signature Pad

Meets government disclosure requirements, minimize preparation errors and save money by reducing the amount of paper used and stored each tax season. With Electronic Signature Pads, the taxpayer's digital signature is securely bound to the document for which it was intended. (Paperless Office Solution)


CrossLink and PayJunction are offering a free ZeroTouch Terminal to qualified businesses. The terminal integrates with your CrossLink portal to simplify payment processes, improve customer experience and accept all types of payments.


Ecom Wallet

With the activation of your CPTS Ecom Wallet you and your tax office will be able to complete returns on a Pay-per-return (PPR) basis. Contact your CrossLink Team Member to learn more.

Management Dashboard

A single management interface for tax preparation office reporting that puts user and group summaries, financial totals, IRS acknowledgments, daily activity, bank product information, and more at your fingertips so that you can manage your multi-office tax preparation business the way you want.

Management Dashboard
Scan and Store

Scan & Store

Improve tax preparation efficiency and accuracy while saving time with each tax return. With built-in support for approved handheld scanners, you are able to capture the taxpayer's source documents and information and associate them with the appropriate return in CrossLink professional tax software — eliminating the need to photocopy and physically store documents. (Paperless Office Solution)

CrossLink certified handheld scanners are provided by the Ivanhoe Group, a CrossLink recommended vendor.

TextLink Plus

A simple, integrated way to send and receive unlimited text messages with your clients directly through the CrossLink professional tax preparation software interface. With TextLink Plus, exclusively from CrossLink, you can communicate with one or many taxpayer clients with a single click and messages are stored with the tax return.