Frequently Asked Questions

Does CrossLink software run on Apple iOS?

  • Yes; CrossLink Online is a scalable, flexible, and robust software that supports all internet-accessible devices. Additionally, our CrossLink 1040 software can be utilized through a hosted environment on our servers.

Does CrossLink offer any training/continuing education courses?

  • CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions does not offer tax theory instruction. Rather, we have a Training department focused on providing tax professionals a wide variety of ways to become proficient with our different software solutions.   

How can I become an SVB/Reseller with CrossLink?

  • CrossLink offers tax software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Included in our suite of product offerings are options that meet the needs of service bureaus and resellers. If you are interested in distributing CrossLink products, please contact our Sales department for further information.      

What is the difference between CrossLink 1040 and CrossLink Online?

  • CrossLink 1040 is our downloadable, desktop professional tax software designed for high-volume tax businesses. Developed to meet the needs of busy tax offices that specialize in providing their taxpayer clients with fast and accurate tax returns, CrossLink 1040 has been a trusted desktop tax solution since 1989. CrossLink Online is our scalable, flexible, and robust online tax software solution that supports all Internet accessible devices and platforms.

Will I receive all State and Business forms with my purchase?

  • Both CrossLink 1040 and CrossLink Online include all state packages for individual returns. CrossLink Business is our downloadable desktop software solution that resides on the same platform as CrossLink 1040. Our CrossLink Online software currently does not support business returns.    

Can my customers file their taxes with me online or with an app?

  • CrossLink does not support self-prepared tax returns.  You can, however, have your customers provide you all their relevant, tax-related information through our TaxPass mobile app, which will automatically upload the client data into a CrossLink tax return for you to complete. Additionally, you can garner all required signatures remotely by utilizing our Remote Signature feature, meaning your customers do not have to physically visit your office to have their tax returns completed.

Does CrossLink provide an accounting/bookkeeping solution or integration?

  • CrossLink Business is integrated with multiple accounting/bookkeeping solutions. Contact our CrossLink Sales department for more information.

Does CrossLink Technical Support offer tax advice?

  • CrossLink’s Technical Support department provides best-in-class support for our products and services in both English and Spanish. By design, we do not provide any legal or tax advice to our customers.

Can my customers send documents to me via CrossLink software?

  • Yes; by utilizing CrossLink’s TaxPass mobile app, your customers have the ability to send you both documents and relevant client data, which, in turn, will automatically upload into an auto-generated tax return.

Does CrossLink offer rebates?

  • As part of providing the best value in the competitive tax software marketplace, we at CrossLink offer our customers multiple rebate options. To discuss these options, contact our CrossLink Sales department for further information.

How much does CrossLink cost?