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Important Upcoming IRS Update to e-Services Accounts

The IRS has announced that they are planning on updating the platform and security for e-Services later this fall.  These changes will affect everyone who has an e-Services account.

The IRS will be doing the following:

  • Moving e-Services to a new platform and landing page
    This will require that e-Services will unavailable at various times during September and October.
  • Implementing Secure Access Authentication
    Starting in late October, all e-Services users will be required to go through the Secure Access authentication registration process in order to access their account.

    To prepare for the Secure Access registration and authentication process e-Services users can go to the following pages on the IRS website:

  • E-Services users can complete the Secure Access process right now by accessing Your Tax Account or the Get Transcript Online tools on the IRS website. By completing the process before late October you will be able to access your e-Services account immediately after this new process is implemented.
  • Establishing a new e-Services user agreement
    In late October all e-Services users will be asked to review and accept the terms of a new user agreement. It is important to read the new user agreement because tax professionals will have additional requirements that they must meet.

See the Important Update about Your e-Services Account on the IRS website for more information about these changes.

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